Happy Ram Navami

I want to wish everyone a Happy Ram Navami, and may Lord Ram bless you with tremendous wisdom, love, and guidance. A little background on this holiday shows us that this day celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, who is the 7th incarnation to Lord Vishnu. Thanks to his presence, the demon Ravana was defeated. Additionally, another deity is closely related to this battle: Lord Hanuman. Ram Navami also celebrated the divine union between Lord Ram and the Goddess Sita where marriages all over India, particularly in the southern region, are performed.

May the deities bless everyone, and have a beautiful day!

Nature Reflection

The second of my promised video series, I focus on the impact and effect of nature when one is feeling down. While recording one of my last segments on my documentary, I felt the need to discuss this topic as we are all always looking for ways to climb out of a slump. Thanks to nature, I was able to clear my mind and refocus on my goals and intent.

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)O( Blessed Be! )O(

A March Reflection

This month has truly been one of the hardest moments of time I have had to endure. Let’s say that I have been tested time and time again in determining what the best course of actions were during difficult moments, accepting the condition of a situation, and moving forward with a positive outlook. Many can view my life, and definitely make an example of it, because there are many life lessons that I have experienced. On the other hand, I can also state that these experiences have, once again, shaped me into a better human being.

For the sake of focusing on the spiritual side of things, the deities have never put me in danger or in a negative situation. In fact, they have allowed me the opportunity to learn from my experiences, and use them for future, conscious reflecting. Maybe it is my Aquarian nature, but I choose to sometimes keep certain feelings, thoughts, and actions to myself. This isn’t the best way to handle situations, I know, but it avoids having to deal with life experiences. It becomes a constant struggle when I realize that the only way for me to advance and learn, spiritually, is to face life regardless of what it may bring.

The pressures of academic, professional, and personal life have been working in unison. It comes to the point where I just rather seclude myself in my thoughts and dreams, since there is no room for my negative mindset. As the month comes to a close, I haven’t had the opportunity to post as much on the blog as I would have liked. The positive thing about this is that I am working on my spiritual documentary, which everyone will have the opportunity of watching next month. I have been so focused on this project, that I have lost sight of everything around me. My mind and energy has been poured to finalizing my academic years (for the time being, actually), that many factors around me have been ignored.

As I am writing this post, there is a tremendous sense of guilt, because I feel that most of my experiences this month have been a result of my decisions. As a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason”, I cannot deny the fact that the universe works in accordance to destiny. Life is not by chance, and the workings around it are a result of some energy being poured into a thought and/or decision. Maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty, because that doesn’t do me any good, especially since it puts my soul in a delicate position. Based on my current circumstances, the fact remains that I am a crucial factor. I wish I could change things for a better, positive impact, but destiny is written for me to experiences all of these challenges in this time.

Before you come to the conclusion that I committed some serious, negative actions or energy, I have not. I did not do anything that would intentionally harm others, or create discomfort. The main issue at hand is that many of the situations I have experienced were a result of ego-centered and selfish motives. These two traits, readers and followers, are not healthy. They create mental and spiritual turmoil, in which the soul feels confused and in distress. Through meditation, mantra chanting, and deity reflection, I have overcome these feelings slowly. In fact, I can even write about these things, because I feel that I have to show everyone a different side of me. The name of this blog says it all; it is my perspective on life, regardless if it is good or bad.

One of the most pleasant sounds for me is hearing a thunderstorm. I love hearing the rain splatter against a window or sidewalk, along with thunder making its presence known. I think about these sounds, and envision all of my worries and doubts being washed away. This morning, I had the experience of hearing and seeing a thunderstorm pass through town. A part of me wanted to go outside, and just stand in the rain. I envisioned all of my negative traits and attributes being washed away by the rain water, creating a cleansing of my soul. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go this route because it would put my safety in jeopardy. I think that the thought itself is sufficient energy for this to occur, but only the near future will tell. In accordance to my desire to finish working on my documentary, I will close this post with this: always remember those who are with you, through thick and thin, because it is those who are there at the end.

Gaiye Ganapati Jagavandan

One of the most amazing bhajans (devotionals) I have ever heard honoring Lord Ganesha. I wanted to share this wonderful piece because everyone can definitely use Lord Ganesha’s blessings, especially in these times. Go ahead, close your eyes, focus on Lord Ganesha, and feel his power and energy.


Otter & Trout in Gainesville

Source: Otter & Trout Trading Co. Inc.

Always wanting to explore the Gainesville, Florida area for anything New Age, today I made it a mission to find a place where I could connect with the deities through a Wiccan perspective. For the past few months, I have made significant progress in obtaining guidance and knowledge through my Vedic path. Of course, this means extensive research, reflection, and application of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. In order to sustain my Wiccan knowledge, I have been catching up on crystals, smudging, divination, ritual practice, and candle magick. As a solitary practitioner, it does become a challenge uniting with similar-minded individuals in this area, especially since the practice of Wicca is considered “taboo“. Nonetheless, I made it a goal to find a place where I could find tools and materials needed for the development of the craft.

The morning started gloomy and rainy, two traits that my day was going to be fantastic! Yes, I’m one of the few individuals who you will ever come across with that enjoys cloudy days, especially when there is rain involved. The irony of all this? I live in the Sunshine State, where sunny days are present throughout the year. The first thing I did in the morning was to put my water jar outside to collect rain water. The last time I was able to collect rain water after a full moon was last summer, so it was definitely time to replenish the jar. As I placed the jar on the ground, the cold rain drops hitting my back fully awakened my senses. It was at the moment that I began to plan out  this exciting day. After honoring the deities on my altar, I quickly began searching for New Age centers in Gainesville. The only place that I was able to find was Otter & Trout Trading Co. Inc. located on 625 University Avenue. Located a few blocks from the University of Florida campus, this shop has everything for spiritual development regardless of one’s path. As I walked In, I was immediately greeted by one of the shop’s owners, Kimberli White Otter. Her warm embrace and positive energy immediately made me feel welcome. We discussed various topics which included our spiritual paths and our cultural backgrounds. I picked up a few items after looking through the store, and I will definitely return for more products and conversations.

I definitely needed to connect with the deities throughout this experience, because I was able to see so much connections within Hinduism as well. As soon as I had walked in the store, there were various images and statues of Lord Ganesha, which brought comfort to me on a spiritual plane. Additionally, Lord Krishna and the Goddess Radha confirmed their presence by appearing in various spots throughout the main lobby of the store. I took a sticker of Lord Shiva, which I quickly placed inside my car for visual focus during those moments of tension when driving. The combination of herbal aromas and spiritual symbolism not only reinforced the positivism obtained through this visit, but it also served as a marker in my personal development. I reflected tremendously after I left, and I’m continuing to receive so much guidance hours after. The deities work in mysterious ways, and they communicate with us even if we aren’t seeking a message. I highly suggest everyone to visit Otter & Trout Trading Co. Inc. whenever you happen to be in Gainesville, or visit their online shop to have a look around.

The Reason Behind Everything

It has been a few weeks since I post something on the blog, and it is feels strange to have such a big time gap in between! As an update, I am working on my final project to finally graduate from graduate school, so my time and focus has been spread thin. During all this time, their have been moments of emotional up’s and down’s that have created moments of deep reflection. Since my project theme is spirituality, it is to no surprise that I would be given opportunities to test my path, as well as enhance various aspects of it. As time continues to pass through my life, my goals are becoming clearer and clearer as I approach my academic finish line. The deities are preparing me for a very busy year, especially in the development of divination and magick. Of course, all of these adventures will be documented on the blog, as well as my channel, so get ready for more to come!

In the meantime, I wanted to share one of the best videos I have ever come across on YouTube. I am a strong believer of the phrase, “Everything Happens for a Reason“. In life, we have to go through so much to understand the great meaning behind the present lifetime we are in. Others have it easier, while others have it more difficult. We all come to the point where we begin to inquire within, and seek to understand the meaning behind everything. If this is you, please watch this video. It will definitely ignite the desire to learn more about ourselves, and why we must go through what we do.

Maha Shivaratri Experience

A huge hello and “Happy March” salutations to all my readers and followers on the blog!

There is a whole cycle of excitement happening in my life, especially as this is my last semester of graduate school at the University of Florida. I have a whole range of projects simultaneously happening, and keeping up with each one is quite a handful. One project that has been in the works since the beginning of this year is communicating with everyone via videos. I know, it sounds like I’m heading into the world of v-logging, but it’s not quite so. In fact, I would like to post at least one reflection video per week to talk about different topics because we all know that we miss certain things now and then. I will not be abandoning my writing, especially as I communicate the best through this method. My reflection videos will only enrich the message I’m seeking to convey, and hopefully you can get something out of them.

A few days ago, I celebrated Maha Shivaratri and I want to begin the first series of videos reflecting on this experience. As a quick reminder, Maha Shivaratri commemorates the marriage/union between Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. It is one of the highly most celebrated Hindu holidays throughout the world, along the ranks with Holi and Diwali. Many Hindu temples throughout the United States will be celebrating this holiday today and tomorrow, as it allows devotees the opportunity to partake of pouring milk onto the Shiva lingam and honoring the deity. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, view my video, and comment on my experience.